Survey Results: Where should the region’s transportation dollars be invested?

We asked you to weigh in with your input on where you think your money should be spent. And you responded.

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The full survey results are in, and you can see them below.

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  1. It is so good to see so many good suggestions in your survey results pertaining to pedestrian, biking, and mass transit solutions. It revives my faith in humanity, considering this world of divided politics. I certainly hope that the powers that be will listen to these voices from the masses in the wilderness and not listen to the politicians pushing their pet legacy projects, such as the PPE.

  2. Access to transportation outside of a personal car is vital to the growth and success of Knoxville and the region. I travel a lot and I cannot think of any other airport in the county without public transportation! It’s embarrassed to tell someone how wonderful your city is, invite them to come here, then have to tell them they have to rent a car or I have to leave work to pick them up. I have to catch rides from friends who leave work and don’t get paid for their time off. It’s horrible! I had a friend who was looking for a community to invest in. I talked them into coming to Knoxville. They were shocked and surprised by our city. Then, they found out how “inaccessible” our city is and chose another city.

    More bike lanes are needed. Some important areas are Papermill Drive and Hollywood. These areas are in between greenways and can connect them together.

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