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Mobility Plan 2040 was adopted by the TPO Executive Board on April 26, 2017.

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Project Area

Transportation infrastructure is more than just a tool to improve access and mobility. It is a significant contributor to the overall quality of life of our region.

Who’s Involved

The Mobility Plan will be developed through a collaborative process.

Elected Officials

Represent communities across the region throughout the plan update


Help evaluate the demand for transportation resources now and in the future


Identify deficiencies and propose solutions addressing safety and performance


Rely on transportation networks to move goods in services across the region and country

State/Local Gov't

Identify needs and secure local funding for transportation improvements


The citizens of the region fund this plan. Your input is its foundation.

Your Input is Needed Now

Call for Projects

Communities across the region submit projects for consideration

Selection Criteria

Develop selection criteria that will be used to evaluate submitted projects.

Project Evaluation

Submitted projects will be evaluated based on previously selected criteria

Identify Projects

Projects identified will reflect shared values from a variety of stakeholders, including…

Share your thoughts…


This is where you will find information about the development of the Plan, including the timeline, the draft plan, proposed transportation projects, and ways you can provide input.

Throughout this project,

You can provide input at every stage of the process, not just during the official comment period in 2017.


Begin plan update


Project selection criteria adopted

Call for projects


Draft project list developed


Draft plan reviewed by TN Department of Transportation, and posted online

Draft plan reviewed by Federal Highway Administration, and posted online


Draft final plan reviewed by public


Plan adopted by the TPO Executive Board

Community Conversations

We want to bring programs and presentations to where you and your friends, neighbors, and co-workers gather.

We Bring the Meeting to You

Community Conversations are a key component of our public engagement and outreach. They are designed to be an opportunity for people to learn about the TPO process and give us ideas and input on the many issues surrounding transportation in our region.. We would be happy to come to your next community meeting, luncheon, workshop, symposium, or summit.

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Project Manager:

Amy Brooks, AICP


(865) 215-2500




The Mobility Plan Update is an initiative of the Knoxville Regional TPO


The Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization coordinates a comprehensive, multimodal transportation planning process for the Knoxville Urban Area.

Contact the TPO
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